Uhh Ya, You Know

Checking off that check list. Sea foamed the car, damn, so much smoke came out, idle and acceleration feels alot better. Going to clean the MAF sensor tomorrow and change the oil by this weekend to get her ready for the trip to vegas.

Found out which bottle Dom Perignon or Cristal i will be bringing.

This weekend is the Pacquiao fight, i can’t wait to watch it, while eating mexican food, tequila, corona’s. Were going to demolish that mexican food like Pacquiao will demolish Marquez. Sorry to say my mexican/spanish homies, you already know what’s going to happen, were going to hate each other during the fight then everything will be ok again after. 

Its a time to celebrate my bday, but also a time for my family and i to pay respect to my uncle that passed away on my bday. From what i’ve heard from filipino tradition/culture, that it is good luck for one of your relatives to pass away on your bday, it’s like they were thinking about you before they passed and giving you a blessing for your life. 

Also its almost been a full year since… Thinking about it now, wow. Look at how each of us have changed over a short period of time. I believe the fact you can’t even be friends again shows me that you just hopped onto the next guy to get over a relationship. Not saying thats a bad thing, most of us do the same. Again i only wish you the best, i hope you do the same.

Gym - I see that place at least 4 to 6 times a week, gotta keep that dedication going! LEH GO

MW3 - I will be picking you up after the 20th, homie picked up the game and it was bad ass.